SC strawberry Festival 2012 promo

What a beautiful Saturday to take pictures and film the 2012 promotional ad for the pageant. It was my pleasure, as always to work with the talented mr Tony McMehan and our lovely strawberry Queens – Christy Roberts, Nikita Maigur and Morgan Jasper. Dustin Shores took awesome still shots and Tony produced our next spot to air on channel 19. The photographs will appear in the Feb addition of “Women With Know How” published by Mimi Zelman -so be on the lookout for my big smile on the cover!! It’s all about elevating each other and today was truly that kind of moment!(special thanks to my fashion stylist- Megan Chietin)!! From our beautiful bandstand enhanced with the vibrant red banners and sparkling crowns of our strawberry Queens to the unmistakable Carolina Blue skies…. Life is indeed good!



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2 responses to “SC strawberry Festival 2012 promo

  1. Jay mercer

    What a great festival! Should be a great time again this year –the pageant is “top notch”

  2. Mrs. Mercer! Such an honor to help you get prepared for your photo shoot in the Women With Know How. May God continue to bless you on this journey with Crowning Confidence. Such a wonderful outreach!

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