Confidence is feeling good about the skin you are in. After the birth of my second child, moving to the North East and facing my mid 30’s – My skin rebelled with issues: Redness, acne and most of all it was uncomfortable!!! It seemed that every “promised” treatment failed and that included the prescription ones. Talk about feeling frustrated and embarrassed by “well meaning” professionals who would send me home with a pamphlet of extreme cases of skin disorders! As I would read the information through tears, my soothing inner dialogue would say: “it’s okay- Patti you were cute the first 34 years…..wah!!!!!”. …more tears!!!

Everything changed when we moved back to SC and a friend recommended “Simply Skin”.

I was very guarded with my expectations because of all the disappointments I had experienced before with my skin. Rita Meeks- the owner of Simply Skin, looked at my skin and began a consistent treatment plan which changed my life!! Within the first week, my skin began to heal and my confidence as well. Less than 6 months later, on a confidence roll, I decided to compete for the title of Mrs. SC . Any guesses on who supported my efforts- that is right – “Simply Skin”

Over the past 7 years, Rita and her talented team have become a part of my success at overcoming the challenges of my skin. Both my daughters and mom also understand that healthy skin is beautiful skin. When you feel beautiful, anything is possible!


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