Congratulations to Sarah Bazey, our 2012 Mrs. international!!! This lady is amazing – having suffered 3rd degree burns to over 40% of her body in a helicopter crash, she continues to serve as a spokesperson for the Phoenix Society sharing a message of hope and strength.

Thanks to everyone in my life who have supported my efforts to raise awareness for Autism through the International System. Mel and Mary Richardson have developed an opportunity for all women to embrace their femininity, support each other and pursue a competition where the blessing is in the experience of making a difference.

When you first arrive at the International pageant- the energy of over 50 breathtakingly beautiful women is enough to make Angelina Jolie want to run home and hide!! However, with each individual conversation -as we get to know each others hearts and causes, an incredible miracle begins to unfold. It’s not about the “crown” …it truly is about the “cause”!

This year- the class of 2012- was extra special! It was an honor to share the stage with all 54 of the most amazing women. I hope that each one of my pageant sisters will walk away from this week with the same blessing that I received.

Was I disappointed??? Heck yes!!! Was I hurt … Did I feel rejected…. You bet!!! When Autism is the message and the message is not picked for the International title … It feels personal… I’m human with emotions that scream….REALLY????

As I looked at the top 16- Autism, Post traumatic stress disorder, Alzheimer’s …. NOT there!!!
Cancer, heart disease…. Well represented.

As contestants, we can prepare and present our best and it may not be enough to claim the crown. Judges are people with their own set of life experiences and sometimes your cause will “click” with theirs and sometimes it doesn’t. That is the excitement of the sport of pageantry!!
Each contestant has five minutes to make their message heard and who knows where the starting point is….???

I love the time and attention that the International System takes to help all the contestants understand that it’s the people who know us best – our family, friends, and community- whose opinion we should always hold dearest. Above all, it’s the vertical accountability to GOD who has given each one of us a unique purpose with the skill set to accomplish the task that matters most.
God knows our hearts and my heart is filled with love for the Mrs International Class of 2012!!!

Congratulations to all of you!!!



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